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Private sessions with Mikhail and Yuliya are available in Ridgway, CO and Montrose, CO. Sessions and classes are also available on a limited bases outside of their home area and are announced separately for this states:

Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, California  


About Mikhail 

Mikhail A Jirnov is a Russian Bio-Energy Master, Spiritual Adviser, Intuitive, and Life Coach.

Mikhail, a Russian from the valley of the Volga River, is a Bio-Energy Master with the ability of intuitive insight into the human body. In the stress of everyday life, the human body accumulates blockages that affect the flow of energy. Mikhail’s healing gift enables him to sense precisely where these blockages are impeding the proper flow of energy, causing malfunction in the body, and to release them. His Bio-Energy work assist the body’s own healing even when the body is in a weakened condition due to injuries, stress or conditions with which one was born. Mikhail’s  work can help balance the energy fields of the body while removing congestion associated with past, present or even future physical problems and health issues. It supports the body and its own immune system in preventing illness and in some cases eradicating problems instantly. Even if the body and soul are tired, exhausted by overwhelming stress, physical pain or severe illness, he can help make the body feel stronger, happier and more confident that one’s life is changing for the better.

Recent Testimonials

Jaw and Upper Back pain
I am amazed at how i feel… My jaw is better and my posture is better… Wow… You and Yuliya make such an incredible healing team……
Donna, Fort Worth

Severe right arm pain, swollen lymphatic nodes
Charles had a severe right arm pain and could not use his arm much.
After a session, he left with no pain. Over the course of next few weeks, his arms continued to improve. His lymph nodes were dissipating.
He was very happy to play water volleyball with his friends.
April, 2014 Dallas, TX


He is one of the most powerful energy masters we have ever experienced. It is a blessing to be treated by Mikhail, and we highly recommend having a session with him.
– Leslie Temple-Thurston, Santa Fe, NM
On a Friday in October, 2011 I found myself in the ER with a gallbladder attack. The attending surgeon, after reviewing my ultrasound, said, “We should remove your gallbladder.”  Knowing that it just so happened that Misha was coming to Taos that very afternoon, after consulting with the surgeon we scheduled surgery for Monday AM. Mikhail worked on me that afternoon and it was a battle royal. Wave after wave of pain arose in the gallbladder area and he pulled the pain out wave at a time. After that session, the pain was reduced maybe 30-40%. He then worked on me 4 more times over the weekend. By Monday morning, I was pain free, had no fever, my digestive system was functioning again and I was able to resume a simple diet. I was able to cancel the surgery and had my naturopathic physician confirm that my condition was stable and I could work dietarily.

Linley Solari


Testimonial- Arthritis

This is Rick from Grand Junction.   Mikhai Jirnov is a bio-energitic healer,
the best I have encountered.
My background with Mikhail might help give you an idea of what he does.  I
first met him in Ridgway CO.  I had a badly swollen ankle from a 4 year
situation with arthitis that inflamed my knees and ankles on both legs.  Well
about 5 minutes into my first session I sat up and said this is the most
relaxed I have ever been in my life.  His ability to interact with my energy
field was amazing and after about 6 sessions, very few joint problems.  He is
the most balanced and compassionate man I know.  And of course, there are many stories of him helping others heal both emotional and physical troubles.
Rick Anderson, Grand Junction CO 10/12/09


Dearest Valentina and Mikhail

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart (and the top too!) for the healing work you did with me last week.   I feel that you helped me SO MUCH moving out so much pain and negative energy that I have been storing for a very long time.   I have done much work with many people helping me but your work was without a doubt the MOST powerful and I feel that I am now open and freed of lots of pain that I have been suffering with that had affected myself, and of course, my son Sacha, as well as my other son Laurent.  To be able to end this genetic cycle and free us all is huge for me.
Thank you again, I am grateful and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and your wonderful family Mikhail, Novato is beaming with love!!!!

regards – Linda, California


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Bioenergetic Assisting is now available in combination with acupuncture treatments by Yuliya Jirnov (Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine).

Yuliya and Mikhail have been working together on many people combining acupuncture and Bioenergetic Assisting. The results has been astounding. The combination of female energy (yin) and male energy (yang), Yuliya’s and Mikhai’s  work creates a complete whole. They aspire to aid others in discovering their individual paths to health and wellness.

Our mission:

  • To support you and your physical body
  • To decrease pain in your life whether physiical, emotional or mental
  • To work with your body, mind and spirit
  • To make your life happier, healthier and more productive
  • To help you deal with everyday challenges
  • To raise your level of consciousness

You can reach us at 970-318-0198 to make an appointment or to ask questions. Our e-mail address is easternwindclinic@gmail.com

Private sessions, long distance work, group events and retreats.

New: we are in a process of planning to do 3 day retreats
that will be happening in Colorado, Texas, California and may be Nevada.
We just had our first retreat in Ridgway,Colorado this June.
All of us had an incredible experience. Please read testimonials on our retreat page.
Please let us know if you like to participate in the future.

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Photograph by Mikhail