Bioenergetic Assisting

Misha and Yuliya work as a team with acupuncture and body energy healing . Private sessions are offered.

Mikhail and Dr. Yuliya work as a team using Bioenergetic Assisting and Oriental Medicine techniques provided by Yuliya Jirnov, DOM(NM), licensed Acupuncturist and Herbologist. Private sessions are offered.

What is Bioenergetic Assisting ?

Bioenergetic Assisting  is a type of non-physical body work utilizing living energy of the body (Bio-energy or qi) and targeting energetic blockages and congestions, that are affecting and depleting physical body and it’s biological function. Such blockages are forming in the energetic field of the body, as a result of exposure to variety of physical, but most importantly – emotional pathogens and factors.

Bioenergetic Assisting  is not a conventional system. However, it utilizes some of the ancient wisdom and methods of the village healers from central Russia and Siberia (Valentina, Mikhail’s original teacher, is from south-western Siberia). It is more then a therapy or healing technique. In fact it is not even a technique but rather a way of balancing, transforming and changing bio-energetic field of the body, based on Master’s ability to sense and to work with it.

Bioenergetic Assisting is working with any conditions of physical body by making changes, on the energetic level, and (in some cases) eradicating energetic base of the physical illness, misbalance or weakness. The excessive/pathological energy or blockage is getting released trough the hands of the master. The master is also helping to the body of the person to achieve an additional release of congested energy on its own, by opening flow trough certain release channels. The overall energetic balancing is a part of a process.

One thing, that Bioenergetic Assisting work is specifically useful for – is long and short term emotional problems, stress and different pain syndromes. It addresses both – acute and chronic problems, as well as helping with preventing one from starting.

Bioenergetic Assisting  is not a medicine – it is not affecting physical body directly (only through it’s bio-energetic field). It is a way to help person to overcome different problems on many different levels. It definitely has an important spiritual component. However, it has nothing to do with certain religion or personal believes. It does not contraindicate whatever you believe in. We respect all religions, as long as they do not lead to any harm to others.
And it is suitable for people of all ages.