Misha and Yuliya work as a team with acupuncture and body energy healing . Private sessions are offered.

Misha and Yuliya work as a team using Misha Bio-Energy (MISHBE) and Oriental Medicine techniques provided by Yuliya Jirnov, DOM(NM), licensed Acupuncturist and Herbologist. Private sessions are offered.

Russian Bio-Energy Master, Spiritual Adviser, Intuitive and Life Coach.

“The beauty of mother nature can become a healing for someone’s reality”- Misha

Misha, a Russian from the valley of the Volga River, is a Bio-Energy Master with the ability of intuitive insight into the human body. In the stress of everyday life, the human body accumulates blockages that affect the flow of energy. Misha is able to sense precisely where these blockages are impeding the proper flow of energy, causing malfunction in the body, and release them.

His Bio-Energy work assist the body’s own healing even when the body is in a weakened condition due to injuries, stress or conditions with which one was born.
It can help balance the energy fields of the body while removing congestion associated with past, present or even future physical problems and health issues. His work supports the body and its own immune system in preventing illness and in some cases eradicating problems instantly. Even if the body and soul are tired, exhausted by overwhelming stress, physical pain or severe illness, he can help make the body feel stronger, happier and more confident that one’s life is changing for the better.

Misha is an internationally known spiritual teacher, lecturer and Bio-Energy master. Time spent upon his table has been a life altering experience for those who have allowed him to assist in their healing. He was asked by ISSSEEM to give a lecture at their convention (Evidence Based Spirituality) this last June, 24 2010 in Westminster, Colorado. He has appeared on both television and radio speaking about his healing abilities, while extensively working on thousands of people in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, California, New York, Boston and Europe. His education spans expertise in anatomy, physiology, massage therapy, reflexology, x-ray, wilderness emergency training, and he is a nationally registered EMT.

In his own words, “I can help prevent problems before they manifest themselves on the physical level in the form of specific stress that arises from different negative experiences in everyday life. The energy of stress tends to stay in the body long after the actual event has occurred. This forms energetic blockages in different areas of the body that stops bio-energy (or life-energy chi) from flowing normally. These energetic blockages weaken the immune system, provoking different pain syndromes which at the end can result in physical illness. This entire sequence of causality can be interrupted and freed during a session.”

Many have had the privilege of experiencing the quality of the healing energy that is generated by his gift. People have sought his help for stress associated problems, varieties of back pains, sciatic pain, migraines, imbalance in the digestive system, infertility, depression, hormonal imbalances, blood pressure problems, weakened immune system, sleeping disorders, and numerous other health issues. After experiencing his work, many have attested that they have more energy for their work and family, which gave them a quality of life that greatly improved.

Misha knows his life mission is to help those in physical and emotional distress and he is tireless in his dedication to the effort for more than 20 years.

Misha can be reached at 832-630-7519 or you can speak with his wife Yuliya Jirnov who is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM, NM) and licensed Acupuncturist and Herbologist. Yuliya can be reached at 970-318-0198.

If you have any questions, would like to make an appointment or schedule a session please call us at:
970-318-0198 or e-mail Mishbe