Dear Yuliya, Mikhail, Valentina,
the past 4 days (3 days of retreat) have been an amazing journey not only into my own soul but also an amazing journey into the art of healing.
A healing energy that we all possess and can share ( to help more or less but never harm) with ourselves and others.
Mikhail, as you said, “Bio- Energy is a huge spiritual experience!” I can  and do feel one with the universe/God! Thank you! You are such a blessing, Mikhail!
we cannot help but share that light and energy with others. Thank you!
I love your presence and your energy. And a special thanks to Vera for her showing me that I could express my soul through drawing! Thank you!
Jennifer Edwards, June 2014, retreat in Ridgway, CO

Upcoming retreat
Texas – November 21-23, Friday,Saturday, Sunday

Past retreats
3 day spiritual and healing retreat with Mikhail and Valentina

Dates:  June 13-15 ( Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Hours: 10-5pm every day
Location: Ridgway, CO
Price: $350 does not include accommodations or meals.

We are inviting you to participate in an event for deep healing and spiritual opening. This is an opportunity to receive help and support and to learn about bio-energy work from Mikhail and Valentina.

For the twenty years Valentina and Mikhail been working tirelessly doing healing work, teaching classes, doing  long distance sessions.
For all these years, people been asking them to teach what they know.
Now the time has come to share their healing knowledge and intuition with others.
Misha and Valentina will also be doing meditation.
We will also have time for questions.
We will also have time to practice our intuitive skills.
We will also be learning about intuition and spend some time developing our own intuitive abilities.
We will also be spending time answering your questions.
If weather permits, we will sit by camp fire and charge ourselves with incredible powerful energy of San Juan mountains.
After retreat is over, you will have free time to spend as you like.
There are many enjoyable activities near Ridgway: Orvis Hotsprings, Ouray hotsprings, hiking trails.
Ridgway, Ouray, and Telluride are great places to visit.
Accommodations: hotel rooms, camping at Orvis hotsprings, and other places.
Closest airport is in Montrose, next one is in Grand Junction.
Private sessions: are available before and after retreat.

We have many different affordable types of accommodations.

Main Retreat House
1. We have our main retreat  house at Elk Meadows 15 minutes up in the mountains from house of Ridgway where we are going to have a retreat. It is 8,800 feet elevation.
The rooms in the house are reserved from 06/12 to 06-16.
We have 4 rooms in the house.
1 room is upstairs with a private bathroom – about $70 per night
3 rooms are on the basement  floor and share 1 bathroom with a shower but there is also another bathroom on a main floor.
2nd room has a big bed that can be shared by a couple or 1 person.
3rd room is a very small room with 1 bunk Bed that can be shared by 2 people or used by one person.
4th room is a living room that has no privacy and has a sofa bed.
We have a fifth room that is a room where we will have our retreat that we can put inflatable bed in and it will have no privacy as people will be also eating in that room.
This room is only for a very easy going person who does not mind kitchen there.
There is no other room on that floor and there is a bathroom without shower there.
The house also has full size kitchen where people can cook.
It has stove with oven, microwave and refrigerator.

The Adobe Inn,
2. 3 rooms at a hotel in Ridgway with a nice Mexican restaurant and a bar used to be a Hostel.
1st room is $60 plus tax has a king  bed that can be shared by a couple or 1 person.
2nd and third rooms have 1 separate bed and 1 bunk bed so can be shared by 2 or 3 people. Both rooms are $65 plus tax
One person can stay there also.
All 3 rooms share a big hall bathroom with shower.

3. I reserved 1 room in Orvis hotsprings the iron room.
It is reserved from 06/12-06/16. It is most expansive room $115 plus tax per night can be shared by a couple or 2  people. The charge $29 extra for another person.  It has 2 beds in there, 1 queen bed and one twin bed.
It includes free entrance to Orvis.
It also has a full size kitchen to be shared with others where you can cook.
Hotsprings open to hotel guests 24 hours a day.

Camping is available also at Orvis hotsprings it is $33 per night.
You have to do your own reservations.
There is also RV camping available at  Orvis.
There is other camping places available in Ridgway also.

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  1. Katherine Toy Miller says:

    Dear Yuliya and Misha,

    Are you planning to do a retreat in Colorado this summer? I would really like to participate. I will be back in Taos after the first of May until at least mid-August hopefully. If you have an event in Santa Fe, I would be able to go.

    Thank you!

    Katherine Toy Miller

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