Upcoming webinar: Wednesday, October 8, 5:30-7pm Mountain Time
Free webinar: Healing and Spirituality

FREE Webinar – Intuition: Promise of the EASY RIDE

by Valentina & Mikhail

Mon Nov 4th 5:00-6:30 pm PST

Intuition is our Personal Key to the Future – God’s given direction & compass – to the Success of our own Life.

We are going to work with this Magic Wand – our own Intuition:

activate, develop, learn about it & learn how to use it for ourselves & others.

Fee: free
Topic: The healing Time in the New Reality Continued.
Mikhail will do short meditation, talk, and answer questions.
People have been reporting receiving healing energy transmitted during
previous webinars.
How to register:
Healing Time and Nature of New Reality continued
Join us for a webinar on Mar 26, 2013 at 7:00 PM MDT.
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Testimonials from previous webinars:

1. I slept into the energies you sent me…often saying Mikhail I want to stay here in these energies (not to stay at this house)….I was so without pain, ah

and I woke this morning shaking with the understanding that came in…about how wrapped in love I was and how LOVE is what is being denied in all the incidents here at this house and in this neighborhood…

and…the gum where there was an open wound is healed.


I loved seeing Alexei on the webinar! He has such a full, serene face. Also it was good to have it affirmed that we are moving into the power and reality of the heart. I can feel that so strongly. Such a welcome shift. Thank you both for doing this so soon after Alexei’s birth.
L.S. Taos, NM

3. I enjoyed the webinar very much.
I wish I could listen to meditation again.
N. M. – from Denver Healing Arts meetup

4. . Dear Mikhail

Thank you for inviting me to your webinar.  It was a pleasure to “meet” you.  Sometimes your words were garbled and difficult to understand but your spirit came through loud and clear and your open-heartedness was radiant.
All the best to you and your family.
K. B.

5. Hello Yuliya,

Yes, I enjoyed the Web broadcast very much. I am an RN and I have been both interested and involved with these topics for many years.

I did ask a question. Mikhail is much like a naturally inclined athlete. Some people have a disposition for touch that is more refined than others even though all of us can `touch’….just as some people can swim faster, run farther or jump higher than others. I asked about the torus electrical heart field. Mikhail responded to my question from an astrological consideration. I was trying to phrase the question to be addressed from a purely bio-magnetic consideration. I will say though that I do practice astrology as well. Healing across distance or by proximity of direct touch seems to involve the plasmic ionization of these fields. Exercise and practice is then that which allows the regular person to develop skills which seem extra-ordinary to others much as we applaud the practiced skills of Olympic athletes. There seems then a key point in training and developing the extension of this intrinsic torus field emanation as a transmitting conduit.
I share these thoughts in anticipation of listening to the next web broadcasts.
You organized the event very well and managed the technical aspects of its presentation equally well. I do imagine that you are going to be keeping archives of this and future broadcasts for others to be available on your website.
Thank you, S.  A. California

6. Mikhail, thank you!!!! I already sent a note but once again it was fabulous and I really loved the content and valuable information!!!! I will resend my questions.
Thank you!!! D. California

7. Dear Mikhail:

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in your Webinar last night. I was comforted to hear you talk so candidly about
your healing process. I especially took notice when you discussed managing the energy – “to be gentle”- with clients
who are fragile/overwhelmed. Too often, I think, I am over vigilant trying to help all that I can within one session. Equally, I was fascinated
when you discussed the impact of alcohol, tobacco and medications on the bodies energies. I would like to hear more on this.
Also,  I am interested in working with children and adults that present Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) particularly those who were affected by service
in the military, can you speak to this?

I, too, have a natural ability to channel energy and can see energy as well, but have been reluctant to discuss this
openly. I live in the US where I feel there is risk in making such a claim. Therefore, much of what I do is framed within the
massage session I give. I am often asked what is it that I do within the massage that is so effective. I have yet to come up with an answer that I can feel comfortable with.
In closing, I would like to say that recently I met and had a session, with Valentina, which has been a great blessing and my health is improving. Meeting her has also
inspired me to revive my own practice. I feel equally blessed that Valentina has introduced me to you.
I am looking forward to future presentations with love and light.
Kind regards, T.

very much appreciate your webinar and felt the deep teachings from Misha..
and your new little boy is so very sweet….thank-you for sharing your children with us…
Z. K. – Boulder, CO

9. Hello Mikhail, Valentina, Yuliya and beautiful daughter,

Thank you for sharing your selves with us last night.
The energies were indeed powerful though my conscious/thinking mind could not grasp it.
I admit to having doubts about whether I would be able to connect and feel you,
if there would be any advantage or benefit from attending.
I am happy to report that this morning I still feel the connection of the channels that were opened last night,
like a soft drifting along on peaceful waters.
I slept better than in a long time and had many dreams with one common theme that I was able to remember.

I feel the love and purity of your intention in this offering and I bow in gratitude for it.

Thank you, appreciatively,
E. and D. (from Houston)

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